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Thank you for downloading the RB: AI Version 1.0!
RealBot can run on Half-Life and STEAM!

Click here for the full list of fixes/changes in a logbook style.

RealBot Artificial Intelligence Version 1.0
By Stefan Hendriks, Tub has been developing RealBot up till BUILD 1384.

Version Information
Although the previous readme clearly states RealBot would not be developed further using botmans template, a lot has changed and so I give you RealBot AI Version 1.0

It has been over a year since RealBot AI Preview #3 is out, (1st July 2002) and since then the development went from 'very active' to 'no activity at all'. Neither I or Tub did work on RealBot anymore as we had it with Counter-Strike. However, 2 months back i got a new impuls to try Counter-Strike again... as i got a new computer which could run Counter-Strike and also made it possible to develop RealBot on. Since then i was addicted as ever. Tub however, did not want to code further as actively as he used to. However, he still is not officialy widdrawn.

Officialy RealBot AI Version 1.0 is developed by Stefan Hendriks since the build 1386 of RealBot AI Preview #3. Ofcourse, i could never get this far without the help of Greg Slocum and Shivan for their enormous effort on tracking down as many bugs as possible.
You may send bug reports or suggestions to me. I'll read every mail, and usually at least one of us will reply. You can also visit the Realbot Forums

Do not mail me if you have problems with the installation, with waypointing or generally using this version, i won't reply. If you need help, please visit the Realbot Forums.

Known bugs/limitations in this release:
- There are no predefined personalities yet, bots only differ in name, skill and current emotions.
- No bot chat.
- bots don't work on all maps "out of the box". Currently you have to waypoint custom maps yourself or find an RBW file at the RealBot webpage. This will change in the final release.

what's planned after this release:
- Converting code to a more independant game structure. Similiar to MEMM (introduced since PR #3).
- Continiously releasing new WIP's so you can keep your RB version up to date.

Copyright & Distribution Permissions:
Realbot is Copyright © by Stefan Hendriks. Realbot: AI (Preview #1/#2/#3) is Copyright © 2001-2002 by Stefan Hendriks and Tub. Realbot: AI (Version 1.x) is Copyright © 2002-2003 by Stefan Hendriks.
The Bot may only be distributed as the unaltered files which are available at the Realbot Homepage. No money may be charged for this product. You must ask for permission before including this on any magazine-CD or similar. If you offer this product for download, please provide a link to us and tell us about it.

This software is delivered as-is. Use this software at your own risk. The authors cannot be held responsible for any kind of damage that could be caused by this program.

This release is designed for Half-Life with Counter-Strike 1.6 (STEAM) and Counter-Strike 1.5 (NON-STEAM). It might work with older versions, but this has not been tested.
The bot works best with more than 128 MB of ram, but can be used with less. If you have few ram, disable all other applications before starting Realbot.


Programmed by:
Stefan Hendriks

Greg Slocum
and everybody else at the forums

Special Thanks:

RealBot © Copyright 2001-2003. All Rights Reserved.
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